Joyen is a Professional Dominatrix specializing in rope bondage and BDSM performances and is also the Philippines’ first homegrown international burlesque performer. She is an alternative model and avant-garde performer specializing in fetish, erotic, burlesque, and striptease. She is currently training as a silks aerialist and is developing Aerial Bondage – the discipline that combines aerial circus concepts with Japanese rope bondage.

On the side, she performs as a rock vocalist and a fine art photographer. Her work is primarily based in Manila, Philippines.

Performance Background

In 2008, Joyen began her career as an alternative model and she was only interested in jobs that depicted the strange and taboo. As a vocalist trained in singing pop and classical, she had some familiarity with being onstage. She continued singing for rock bands and modeling with minimal success, and these two things gave her great joy. She started studying rope bondage and the BDSM lifestyle in 2011, where she fell in love with photographing the human form that she herself bound. It did not cross her mind to start performing this act of bondage until a colleague invited her to do a live demonstration of this at an art exhibit opening. There she discovered the form of performance that would ultimately make her name.

As a big fan of triple threat entertainers, Joyen started taking intensive ballet lessons in 2016. This happened alongside her co-founding of the resurgence of burlesque and cabaret in the Philippines. She has also been studying the aerial arts and exotic pole dance at in-depth and accelerated speed since 2018. These technical skills are supplementary to Joyen’s revolutionary brand of performance.


Co-founding both Kink PH and Burlesque PH, Joyen has also performed at and produced unique events such as: (1) Manila’s annual, biggest BDSM-themed convention – the Kink Karnival, (2) the critically-acclaimed “Ang Pagdidiwata ni Maria Clara” (English title: The Goddess-Awakening of Maria Clara) – a collaboration with Hataw, a Toronto-based contemporary folk dance troupe, and (3) the first rope bondage show to be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines – INFERNA, as part of the multi-arts celebration, Fringe Manila Festival. She is a staunch advocate of enabling female sexuality through movement and performance.

Joyen also performed in May 2017 at the 5th Annual Asian Burlesque Extravaganza in New York, being the first artist who performed a rope bondage suspension and burlesque fusion act at the event. She is proud to have represented Filipino burlesque, BDSM, and aerial arts in Taiwan, Singapore, the Bay Area in San Francisco, at the Australian Burlesque Festival, Afterparty Tokyo, and the 2019 Airstars Aerial Dance Art Competition in Bangkok. She is most proud of performing her signature Aerial Bondage and burlesque act at the opening act of Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and high fashion queen, Violet Chachki’s debut in Manila with a tantalizing show that explores sexuality, celebrates a broader spectrum of beauty and promotes self-love.

A consummate professional and a world-class entertainer, Joyen continues to develop her artistic abilities and forge meaningful connections with related artists in Asia and beyond, in her unending quest to produce and perform acts that grip the soul.

Other Activities

Aside from performing, Joyen is the Primary Photographer of The Uncoloured – a creative partnership with writer Luis Medina. Mainly a photojournal disobeying all the rules of literature and photography, The Uncoloured has since turned into the default moniker for collaborations between Luis and Joyen. These collaborations range from short films, film festivals, and photography exhibits.

Joyen also conducts her signature rope bondage workshop called String Theory, made for those with little to no experience in rope. On very rare occasions, she accepts new submissives for Professional Dominatrix sessions. View her Session Etiquette and Application Form to see if you can pass her strict application process.

Otherwise, become her Patron instead to view exclusive and personal content.


The Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame (August 2020)
Featured performer for the inaugural virtual showcase of the Virtual Burlesque Hall of Fame (VH0F), an online fundraiser that is a reflection of current times and burlesque’s subsequent artistic response

Sugar and Spice: Virtual Asian Sexuality Festival (August 2020)
Primary consultant, guest lecturer, and panel discussion host of Sugar and Spice: the first-ever virtual festival on sexuality education made by Asians for Asians

The Sweet Valentine Ball (February 2020)
Main guest performer as the Philippines’ first Sex Siren Category Grand Champion

One Delicious Night! Violet Chachki Live in Manila (December 2019)
Guest aerial bondage and dark burlesque performer at debut solo show in Manila of Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 and high fashion queen, Violet Chachki

2019 Airstars Aerial Dance Art Competition (December 2019)
Open Category (Aerial Bondage) Champion and Super Airstars Champion Night Finalist at international aerial competition, Airstars, held in Bangkok, Thailand

The Eclipse Ball: Monsoon Edition presented by the House Of Mizrahi Philippines (July 2019)
Sex Siren Category Grand Prize Winner and the first person to ever win this vogue ball category in the Philippines

MissJoe Abuda’s CABARET (February 2019)
Guest aerial bondage and dark burlesque performer at The Addlib Dance Studio’s founder’s experimental variety show

Afterparty Tokyo (November 2018)
Guest burlesque performer at one of Tokyo’s premiere burlesque entertainment venues

Noir Exotique at the Australian Burlesque Festival (October 2018)
Performed a kink-themed Filipino folk dance burlesque act as the first-ever homegrown Filipino performer at the ABF

5th Annual Asian Burlesque Extravaganza (May 2017)
Performed the first-ever Rope Art Self-Suspension and Burlesque Fusion act at the 5th Annual ABE in New York City and recognized as the first-ever homegrown Filipina performer at the ABE

Ang Pagdidiwata ni Maria Clara (February 2017)
Headline burlesque performer at the Fringe Manila Arts Festival show co-produced by Toronto-based Filipino Folk Dance troupe HATAW, the first show of its kind staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Pineapple Lab Artist-In-Residence (October 2017 – October 2018)

INFERNA (February 2017)
Headline Performer and Producer
Conceptualized and performed the first-ever rope art show to be staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

KinkPH and Elephant BDSM Ball (October 2016 to October 2018)
Headline Performer and Co-Producer
A quarterly kink and drag party geared towards beginners wanting to explore the lifestyle

Dark Karnival (September to October 2016)
Headline Performer and Co-presenter
Three theme performance events revolving around the alternative and BDSM lifestyles

KINK Karnival (July 2016 to September 2018)
Headline Performer and Producer
The biggest annual Kink-themed event in the Philippines, bringing together local and international performances, merchandise and education all about the BDSM and Kink lifestyles

Friday Freak Show (July to October 2015)
Headline Performer
Weekly Rope art performances conducted at Pineapple Lab

Ambafrance Manille Semaine du Climat 2015: Struggling Mother Earth (October 2015)
Performer for conceptual and environmental rope bondage act entitled Struggling Mother Earth, directed by Romain Rivierre, for Ambafrance Manille’s Semaine du Climat 2015.

Morpheus’ Bondage Extravaganza in Manila Performer (September 2015)