Rope Bondage Lessons

Learn about the safety protocols and philosophy behind the seductive and dangerous art of bondage. Upgrade your skillset by determining which everyday objects are suitable for low-risk bondage and/or update your proficiency in floor ties in the safety of your own home. Finally, have the choice to either watch exclusive self-tie demos or to freely practice tying under the supervision from JOYEN herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a lesson?
Fill up the form below.

Do I need to have previous experience in rope bondage?
No, I offer general introduction classes for absolute beginners with zero experience.

What lessons do you teach?
1.) Introduction to Bondage – 50% lecture and 50% tie-along general introductory classes for curious absolute beginners who don’t have access to rope yet. No tying partner, no rope, and no previous experience are necessary. Modifications for both self and partnered ties may be taught.
2.) String Theory – My signature power beginners’ rope classes focusing on Japanese-style floor bondage. 3 pieces of at least 7-meter long and 5-millimeter diameter bondage rope are required to be provided by the student/s.
2.) Custom – Request for a unique class that is suited and tailor-fit to your needs and experience level.

* 1 student to multiple students are accepted.
* In-person and online options are available and may be combined.

How much does a lesson cost?
Rates start at US$60 or PHP3,000 for online lessons.

How long is a lesson?
A minimum of 1.5 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.

Do I need rope?
You do not need rope for Introduction to Bondage, but please bring if you happen to have any. You will need to provide your own rope for String Theory and maybe custom classes. I will not provide rope for the lessons.

What kind of rope should I invest in and where may I get these?
My bondage rope of choice is Nawaya jute that comes at least 6-meters long and with a 5-millimeter diameter per piece.
For beginners, you can find local jute, hemp, cotton, multifilament polypropylene (MFP) in local hardware stores, craft stores, and/or fabric stores, but please note that these are not made to be used for human bondage so we have to use these with caution.

Do I need a tying partner?
No, modifications for both self and partnered ties may be taught.

How many students are there in a lesson?
I can accommodate 1 student to multiple students on a case-to-case basis.

What are the available payment methods?
You may pay via local bank transfer, Gcash, and Paypal. I do not accept cash payments, only cash tips.

What is your general availability for lessons?
As of now, my schedule is upon request. My time zone is Asia/Manila UTC +8. My availability is subject to a lot of changes as my schedule nowadays is extra erratic (and erotic!). Selecting your preferred availability does not guarantee the date and time of your lesson. The final lesson schedule will be agreed upon by both parties.

What if I have another preferred date/time for my lesson?
You may indicate this in the form, and I will try my best to accommodate it. The final lesson schedule will be agreed upon by both parties.
What should I include in my message to you and why do I need to write one?
Send Me an application letter that includes the following:
General Goals (e.g. Artists and Styles that resonate with you)
Kindly make sure that your letter is well-structured and proofread, straight to the point, and containing complete details. If this field is left empty or incomplete or is poorly written, then your application will be ignored. Rope bondage is an inherently risky activity, and I do not want to teach it to just anyone, especially those who cannot be counted on to read and be diligent with their paperwork.
For online lessons, do I have to show my video on Zoom? Will you record the class?
You can use your pseudonym and be anonymous and private in the chat, but this will limit My instructions and feedback for you. For lessons involving high-risk ties, I will not allow participants to hide their videos. You will receive a recording of the class after the lesson. If you are uncomfortable with recording the video, please make the necessary precautions such as changing your name on Zoom, wearing a mask, or opting out of the recorded video altogether. It is your sole responsibility to keep your identity private and to inform the Organizer of this.
Am I allowed to take pictures and videos of you?
Limited documentation is allowed. Please ask for permission before taking photos, videos, and any other sort of recordings, and remember to credit @JoyenJoyen
Can you please Dominate me / strip for me?
This is a rope bondage lesson, not a professional dominatrix session, and not a dating venue. Anything overly aggressive and sexual will be stopped by the moderators.
Why was my application ignored / rejected?
I have the right to eject or decline entry to any person from the lesson for any reason, such as but not limited to failing the background check, submitting an incomplete and/or poorly written application form, violation of any of the class policies, behavior deemed disrespectful, disruptive, and/or destructive, deemed ‘under the influence of’ illegal and/or intoxicating substances, and failing to respect safety and limits.
Attendance is voluntary and all participants understand that they may leave the lesson at any time for any reason.